cara kerja email filter [How Email Filters Work]

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While most spam is annoying ads for get-rich-quick schemes or black market pharmaceuticals, some hide computer-crippling viruses and worms that can bring your business to a halt. Filters can prevent these harmful emails from ever reaching your inbox. Learn how to make your filters work better.

How do email filters work?

Most email systems have built-in filters, but this doesn’t mean your work is done. Filters search for certain words typical of spam, usually pornographic or pharmaceutical words in nature. These words act as an alarm to the filters to block the incoming email so if one particular spam keeps making its way into your inbox, pick out two or three unusual words from the email for the filter to use. Other filters allow users to “flag” or mark the spam as such when it sneaks through.

Can I stop the filter from blocking legitimate messages?

Handling filters is a delicate balance. Sometimes filters are set with such tight security settings that emails from partners or clients carrying information imperative to business can be lost as spam. You can try toggling the security settings; however, it’s risky to loosen security settings, so look in your filter’s folder for the emails. Some filters allow users to mark certain addresses as “approved” for their main inbox, ensuring their future delivery, but users should still check the filter folder every day to be safe.

How do I determine why a message was or was not marked as spam?

Filters can be inconsistent as some spam makes it to your inbox every time, while legitimate messages get trapped. Some filters typically look for keywords that are popular in spam ads, while other filters are more complicated, searching for particular code. Other filters look for a large number of capital letters or symbols, also typical of spam email. Either way, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to the filter process, but you can take steps to sort the messages out. If you find spam in your inbox, mark it as spam. If a legitimate message is filtered as spam, approve it for future delivery.

I’ve seen the term Bayesian filter. What is that?

Bayesian filters learn trends from spam and from good mail, then calculate the odds of a particular email being actual spam or a legitimate message. While content-based filters are limited to looking for particular words or certain code, Bayesian filters continually learn and tweak themselves, making it more likely that legitimate emails will make it to your inbox.


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