akhir cerita harry potter 7

*Harry is alive, & so are Ron & Hermione
*Death List
-Rufus scrimgeour
-Colin Creevey
-Nymphadora Tonks
-Remus Lupin
-Severus Snape
-Fred Weasley
*George lost an ear
*Percy reconciled w/ his family & help fought against voldemort, he resigned from his work at the ministry
*Lupin & Tonks got married they had a son named Teddy
*R.A.B is Regulus Arcturus Black, He & Kreacher went to the cave to get the horcrux, Regulus drank the potion, he took the real locket & gave it to kreacher telling him to live & destroy the locket.
*Snapes patronus is a doe, same as Lily’s patronus
*Snape is on Dumbledore’s side
*Snape loves Lily for nearly all of his life, from the time when they were children. He & Lily are friends
*Snape asked Voldemort to spare Lily’s life
*Snape was killed by Voldemort, thingking snape is the master of the elder wand coz he’s the one who killed Dumbledore whom the elder wand belonged to.
*Dumbledore & Snape planned Dumbledore’s death
*Dumbkedore’s father Percival had been convicted of a savage & well publicised attack upon 3 young muggles.
*Petunia send a letter to dumbledore begging him to let her come to hogwarts along w/ her sister
*Student from slytherin’s house joined the death eater’s & voldemort.
*The last unknown horcrux was ravenclaw’s stone diadem
*Harry was Voldemorts 7th horcrux, the horcrux voldemort never meant to make
*Harry is the last living descendant of Ignotus
*Harry & Voldemort’s last duel occured in Hogwarts
*Voldemort died, killed by his own rebounding killing curse
*Dumbledore’s lived in godric’s hollow

*got it from mary ann*

maybe you shud thank her for that…

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